Testament - My new 10 track album. Five years in the making, this is a collection of songs I really wanted to take time over. It's available for FREE download. There are also a limited number of CD copies available to buy.

"Bailey is a captivating story teller, a poet in the guise of a seasoned rocker. Testament is a summation of his career until now, but it s by no means the final chapter." - Here Comes The Flood

"Mood music is good music and with Testament, Glyn Bailey undoubtedly knows how to set the tone. A collection of songs crooned in a low-end lull that soothes the soul whilst it breaks your heart. Experience it when the mood and setting are exactly as they should be and this album will take you somewhere warm and fuzzy, yet tinged with a sadness that everyday life all too often provides." - Steven Reid (Sea of Tranquility).

"Lush and nuanced. The baroque chamber-pop choral elements are a highlight. Testament displays an obvious enjoyment for creating the grand (but not grandiose). I enjoyed it." - Steve Saler (Lucid Eye Productions).

"Testament is the best thing I’ve heard so far from Glyn Bailey. There's more humour and pathos than on previous CD's, with Glyn sounding vocally engaged in the moment. I listened to it twice, back to back, and already some of the songs had their hooks in me.  My favourites are ‘Marswalkers’ (great arrangement, fab chorus), ‘Spark’ (an almost Burt Bacharach vibe), and ‘Muse’s Rules’ which is completely unique!  I also enjoyed the subtle use of a choir and the textural use of sax on several of the songs."

                 - Howard Male (Freelance Writer and Novelist).

"Bailey packs humour, serenity, hope and slightly morbid reflections into Testament to create an engaging album. Each song is unique, but they work together in a compilation that makes you pause and think". -  The Other Side

Click the download link below to grab all ten tracks for free from Bandcamp: