Yuletime for Yuletide

When the season is dark, wet, and cold, it brings us the opportunity to spend more time indoors, eating, drinking, and spending time with the family...and we need a soundtrack to accompany those traditions.This is my own offering ... 'Yuletime'. 


Lyrically, I went back to basics, focusing on what our Pagan ancestors celebrated at this time of year ... the return of the Sun at the Winter solstice and the promise of a respite from the gloom. 

There's a free high quality download of 'Yuletime' available here via Bandcamp: 
If you like it, please quickly share the video and links on social media while it's topical. 

Special thanks to the 'Stacey Grove Choir' (Philip Maxwell Senior & Sharon Mary Butler), and to Dave Archer for Mastering the audio so beautifully. 

As we're busy packing boxes and preparing to relocate Bailey Towers in the new Year, there are no live performances planned for the present. But we do have some new tunes and videos in the pipeline, which will be on the way to you shortly. 

In the meantime... enjoy the festive season.